Five Quick Tips for a better podcast

  1. Be consistent: Shoot for broadcasting at the same time, on the same day EVERY WEEK. If listeners have to hunt for your new episodes, they’ll give up quickly and move on.
  2. Sound Professional: Check your sound. Invest in a good mic. Bad sound is distracting. Listen to your own podcast before you share it.
  3. Don’t Ramble: Very rarely will people listen to a podcast over an hour long. It has to be very compelling. Most good podcasts are between 30 to 45 minutes. Some great ones are 5 to 7 minutes.
  4. Short updates are cool: If you can’t work on a longer podcast one week, give a 5 minute update. Or preview your upcoming podcast earlier in the week with a short segment.
  5. Think keywords in your topic title: Write a clean, simple title that people can understand (and search for) without having to listen first. There are a lot of competitors in this space. A simple title that helps your target listener find you is best.
–Written by Feoshia H. Davis, owner of Wr!teUp Creative Content. If you need help with your website or e-marketing content, Contact Me today!


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