How to stick to a business blogging schedule

TimetoblogI’ve talked to several business owners lately who want to start their own blog. Some have even written a few entries, but they never seem to make it on their website.

Any relevant business blog should be updated at least once a week. If you can update it more often, even better. However, for most business owners, (including myself) once a week is about all you can manage.

Blogging is work

Just like any other part of your business. If you truly want to see the benefits of business blogging (better SEO, brand loyalty, informing customers) you have to approach it like another task to complete each week. Hopefully, one you enjoy.

Set aside blogging, editing and posting time

First, pick one day a week to post your blog. Put it on your calendar right now. And set it as a recurring task. Schedule this task like you would any meeting. This is a meeting with yourself. An investment in your marketing. Usually posting early in the week is best, Monday through Wednesday, before the week gets away from most people, including your readers.

Next, block out one or two hours to actually write the blog. Once again, put it on your calendar for the same day every week. It doesn’t have to be a book, 300 to 500 words is fine for a typical post. You can always go longer or shorter, depending on the topic.

In between writing and posting is editing. You can either edit the same day, after you’ve been away from the piece for a few hours. Or you can edit before posting. If you can, have someone else look at the blog before posting it.

Editing is really important. You will make mistakes when you write. You won’t see them unless you let the piece sit for a few hours, or unless another person looks at it. I have never written a perfect piece. Sometimes I look at a blog a few days after it’s posted, and still catch a typo!

Add a visual element

Pair a relevant visual with your blog, which helps quickly explain the post. This is especially true for social media posting. Most people will overlook a blog post on social media that contains text and no picture or video. And there is no rule against sharing your blog post more than once on a social media channel.

For instance, Tweets with images get 18% more click-throughs than those without.

Use quality photos as well, you can find free or paid websites that have images you can use. Personally, I pay for my blog images. I use Stencil, and find it’s a great value.

Just do it!

Don’t be shy. Once you have created your blog, post it! Many blog sites, like WordPress, which I use, allow you to save a draft of a blog and schedule it for post later. So, if you have time to write more than one blog in a week, schedule it ahead. Your blog will be ready to go.

Do you have any questions about blogging? Comment below and I’ll try to answer.

Good luck!

–Written by Feoshia H. Davis, owner of Wr!teUp Creative Content. If you need help with your website or e-marketing content, Contact Me today!


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